Kathmandu Pokhara with Everest Helicopter Tour Package


7 days







Best Season

Spring and Autumn




Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Trip Highlight:

  • Explore the cultural gems of Kathmandu, including Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. 
  • Experience breathtaking helicopter flights from Kathmandu to Lukla and from Namche Bazaar to Everest Base Camp. 
  • Enjoy aerial views of the majestic Himalayan peaks, including Mount Everest, and get up close to the world’s highest mountains.
  • Land at Everest Base Camp and follow in the footsteps of mountaineers who climbed the world’s tallest peak.
  • Pokhara is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, with the Annapurna Mountain range serving as a spectacular background.
  • Awe-inspiring sunrise views from Sarangkot over the mountain ranges. 
  • Discover the tranquil ambiance of Pokhara, surrounded by lakes and the stunning Annapurna Mountain range. 
  • Visit Phewa Lake, Davis Fall, Gupteswor Mahadev Cave, and the World Peace Pagoda.


Everest Base Camp Heli Tour with Kathmandu and Pokhara is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that combines the best of Nepal’s cultural heritage, natural beauty, and the iconic Everest region. It is a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty, catering to both trekking enthusiasts and travelers seeking a more accessible approach to the Everest region. It’s an experience that will stay with you forever, leaving you with a deep appreciation for the grandeur of the Himalayas and the warm hospitality of the Nepalese people. It’s a great option for travelers with limited time, as it covers major highlights in a short span. 

The Kathmandu Pokhara with Everest Heli Tour Package is a fantastic adventure package that combines cultural exploration in Kathmandu and Pokhara with the thrill of a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp and other breathtaking locations in the Everest region.  During this trip, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical sites of the Kathmandu Valley. The Kathmandu Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is rich in cultural heritage, ancient architecture, and religious significance. 

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is known for its art, culture, monuments, architecture, and way of life. You can visit seven world heritage sites, including Durbar Square, Buddhist stupas, and temples. These sites offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history, spirituality, and artistry of the region. As you explore the Kathmandu Valley, you’ll witness the blend of ancient traditions and modern life, making it a captivating and unforgettable experience. 

Kathmandu Pokhara Sightseeing with EBC Heli Tour offers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and serenity of this picturesque city. Pokhara is a stunning city nestled in the foothills of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges in Nepal. Pokhara’s relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings make it a favorite destination for both adventure seekers and leisure travelers. It’s an ideal place to unwind, enjoy nature, and marvel at the majestic Himalayan peaks. Whether you’re taking a boat ride on the Phewa Lake, exploring the caves, or admiring the sunrise from Sarangkot, Pokhara promises a memorable and rejuvenating experience during this Kathmandu Pokhara with Everest Heli ride. 

During Kathmandu and Pokhara Sightseeing with Everest Heli Tour, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to embark on an Everest Base Camp (EBC) Heli Tour. This exciting and awe-inspiring experience allows you to witness the majestic Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayan peaks from the comfort of a helicopter. The helicopter will fly over the beautiful landscapes of the Khumbu region, offering spectacular views of mountains, valleys, and remote villages. Everest Base Camp is located at an altitude of approximately 5364 meters (17598 feet). At Everest Base Camp, you’ll have a chance to marvel at the towering Himalayan peaks and the Khumbu Glacier, immersing yourself in the unparalleled natural beauty of the region.

The EBC Heli Tour is a fantastic alternative for travelers who want to experience the grandeur of Everest and the Himalayas without embarking on a full-fledged trek to Everest Base Camp. It allows you to save time and effort while still capturing the essence of the Everest region’s breathtaking landscapes. The helicopter trip offers breathtaking aerial vistas, making it an unforgettable and bucket-list-worthy experience.

The 6 nights 7 days of Kathmandu Pokhara Sightseeing with EBC Heli ride begins with exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath. Then you’ll take an early morning helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. After spending quality time at the Everest Base Camp, you’ll back to Kathmandu. The next destination will be Pokhara, which is also known as the lake city and is perfectly known for its natural beauty. Here, you can witness amazing sunrises from Sarangkot and explore the main spots including Phewa Lake, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Bat Cave, Davis Falls, World Peace Pagoda, and International Mountain Museum. After exploring Pokhara City, you’ll back to Kathmandu Valley where your tour ends.


Welcome to Nepal the land of Everest and birthplace of Gautam Buddha. You will arrive in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Depending on your arrival time, you’ll be greeted by our representative and transferred to your hotel.  

On the 2nd day of your trip, you’ll explore some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are located inside Kathmandu Valley including Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple. Following breakfast, begin your day by visiting Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple due to the playful monkeys that inhabit the site.  This place offers panoramic views of Kathmandu city and the surrounding valley. You can explore the ancient stupa with its striking white dome and painted eyes of Buddha, symbolizing wisdom and compassion. After that head towards Kathmandu Durbar Square, a historic square that once served as the royal palace complex for the Malla kings. Explore the intricately designed palaces, courtyards, and temples showcasing impressive Newar architecture.

After lunch, head to Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest and most significant stupas in Nepal. You’ll walk around the stupa’s massive mandala, spinning the prayer wheels and joining pilgrims in their ritual circumambulation (Kora).  The final stop of the day is Pashupatinath Temple, one of the holiest Hindu temples in Nepal where you can observe Sandhya Aarati. 

Overnight at the hotel 

On this day, our representative will drop you at the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. After finishing all processes at the airport, the tour begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla which is a famous starting point for treks to Everest Base Camp. Lukla is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas and offers spectacular mountain views. After refueling, the flight continues over the Syangboche, Tengboche, and Pheriche areas, offering more captivating mountain panoramas.  

Then the helicopter lands at Everest Base Camp where you’ll experience the remarkable sight of the Khumbu Glacier and the towering Everest. After spending some time at Everest Base Camp, the helicopter takes off for the return journey. You’ll arrive at Hotel Everest View, a renowned hotel located at a high vantage point, offering mesmerizing views of Everest and other peaks.  Then the helicopter continues its flight back to Lukla for a refueling stop and departs for Kathmandu. You’ll transfer to your hotel, once you back to Kathmandu. After taking a rest, you can explore some parts of the Kathmandu Valley.  

Overnight at the hotel. 

Following breakfast at the hotel, you will properly pack your stuff and load it into the private jeep. Then you’ll take the road to Pokhara. Driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara is a famous and scenic route that provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Nepal’s lovely landscapes. It takes about 6-7 hours to travel around 200 kilometers on the Prithivi Highway. You’ll pass through gorgeous villages, terraced farms, and lush green hills along the way. When you arrive in Pokhara, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Overnight at the hotel.

Early morning drive to Sarangkot for a mesmerizing sunrise over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas and the beautiful Phewa Lake. After that return to Lakeside and continue with sightseeing, including Davis Falls, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, International Mountain Museum, and the World Peace Pagoda. After exploring Pokhara Valley, back to the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, you’ll board a boat on Phewa Lake to see the Taal Barahi temple.  The temple is dedicated to Durga, the mother goddess and ‘protector of the gods’. Boating on Phewa Lake provides spectacular views of the Machhapuchhre and Annapurna Mountain ranges. Then you’ll drive back to Kathmandu following the same route. Once you reach Kathmandu, you’ll transfer to your respective hotel. After freshening up, you can involve in a cultural dinner. 

Overnight at the hotel

Today is your last day in Nepal. Your Everest Heli with Kathmandu and Pokhara tour ends here. According to your flight schedule, our representative will drop you at the departure terminal of the TIA. 

Essential Info:

Best time 

The best time for a Kathmandu Pokhara with an Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is during the Spring and Autumn seasons. Spring is one of the most popular times to visit Nepal. The weather is mild and pleasant, with moderate temperatures during the day and cool nights. The skies are generally clear, offering excellent views of the Himalayan peaks, including Mount Everest. The rhododendron forests in the lower elevations of the trekking trail bloom, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape. 

Autumn is another highly recommended time to visit Nepal. The weather is stable, with dry conditions and little rainfall, making it ideal for trekking and sightseeing. The skies are generally clear, providing stunning views of the mountains and surrounding landscapes. The temperatures are comfortable, with warm days and cool nights.

During these seasons, you can expect better helicopter flight and trekking conditions, ensuring a more enjoyable and safer experience. These seasons can maximize your chances of having a memorable and rewarding experience.  


During an Everest base Camp Heli Tour with Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal offers a rich culinary experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to taste various local dishes and international cuisines during the trip. We provide opulent breakfast buffets with a wide range of options, including both continental and traditional Nepali breakfast foods. Because Nepal is a famous tourist destination, luxury hotels and restaurants serve a variety of international cuisines such as Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai, and others. World-class eating experiences with a touch of Nepali warmth are available.

Breakfast is provided at the hotel throughout this trip. Amazing restaurants and cafés serve wonderful lunches and dinners based on your preferences. You’ll have lunch and dinner on the sites while exploring the places. Varieties of dishes are served according to your taste. 


Accommodation during an Everest Base Camp Heli Tour with Kathmandu and Pokhara will vary depending on the specific tour package you choose and the level of comfort you prefer. In Kathmandu, you’ll have a wide range of accommodation options, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, mid-range lodges, and budget guesthouses. The hotels typically offer comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms, modern amenities, and services like Wi-Fi, restaurants, and 24-hour reception. For this luxury tour, we provide star-ranging hotels. Some of them are Hotel Hayat Regency, Hotel Dwarika’s Resort, and Solti Crown Plaza,

Similar to Kathmandu, Pokhara offers various accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. You can find luxury resorts with stunning lake views, mid-range hotels with modern amenities, and budget guesthouses or lodges. Many hotels in Pokhara have gardens or rooftop terraces, providing peaceful spots to relax and enjoy the scenery. There are available of luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and guesthouses. Some of the star-ranging hotels in Pokhara include Hotel Temple Tree, Fishtail Lodge, Hotel Pokhara Grande, and Shangrila Village Resort.  

About Company

Graceful Adventure is a reputable and well-established company based in Kathmandu, Nepal, specializing in providing luxury Everest Heli Kathmandu Pokhara tour packages. As a registered company, it operates with the necessary legal and regulatory requirements, offering a sense of trust and reliability to its customers. During this tour, the company offers high-quality and luxurious tour packages that cater to travelers seeking comfort and premium services. Our company ensures that our clients are provided with luxurious accommodation options that enhance guests’ travel experience. Safety is a top priority for Graceful Adventure, and we create an environment where clients can enjoy their adventure with confidence and peace of mind. 

Our company provides professional guides who are knowledgeable about the destination and can offer detailed information about the places visited during the tour. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a strong reputation within the adventure travel industry. Our team is the backbone of our operation, consisting of skilled and dedicated individuals who are committed to ensuring a delightful and unique experience for our clients. From our experienced guides to our hardworking assistant guides and porters, each member plays a crucial role in creating memorable adventures. 

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