5 Day Kori Danda Trek


5 Days






Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Best Season

Spring, Autumn




Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Trip Highlight:

  • Explore Kori Danda at an elevation of 3800 meters.
  • Magnificent views of the Lamjung Himal, Annapurna II, Machhapuchhare, and many more mountains.
  • Stunning Sunset and Sunrise views over the mountain ranges and Hills.
  • A newly opened, less-traveled trekking path offers spectacular natural beauty and an unusual experience.
  • Spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks, flowing waterfalls, and vibrant vegetation along the way.
  • Offers to explore the diverse ethnic communities like Gurung and Magar, known for their unique traditions, hospitality, and colorful festivals.
  • Pass through lush forests, tranquil meadows, rhododendron forests, and charming villages.


Kori Danda Trek is the newly opened off-the-beaten path in the Annapurna region. It is a recently found vantage point in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The Kori Danda lies at 3800 meters above sea level. You will be surrounded by some of the most stunning mountains because Kori Danda is located in the Annapurna Region of Nepal. After witnessing the breathtaking mountain vistas, Kori Danda has recently gained popularity as a viewpoint with views of the Lamjung Himal, Annapurna II, Machhapuchhare, and many more mountains.

Kori Danda is the focal point and the ideal location to take in Mother Nature’s most beautiful sights. A rich covering of grass covers the hill, and a variety of flowers increase the hill’s beauty. The feeling of being in the clouds in the morning will be provided by the smoky clouds you see in front of you. During the hike, don’t forget to take in the magnificent sunrise and sunset views.

The Kori Danda trek can be the greatest short trip from Pokhara if you’re looking for easy to moderate hiking trails. You must pass via the charming village of Sikles in order to reach the viewpoint of Kori. A small Gurung community known for its unique way of life is Sikles. It has only the essentials, including stone-paved pathways and stairways that take you up to the forestland. The main issue with this pleasant and simple walking route is the leech attack because you must pass through a forested area. The hike is mostly uphill.

Kori Danda trekking begins from the Pokhara. You’ll drive from Pokhara to Skiles which takes you to beautiful Gurung village. Then from Skiles, your trek starts which take you to Tasa Kharka. You can enter the village of Tasha by ascending above. You can witness people shearing sheep’s wool, sheep grazing in meadows, and lush green woodlands close by the meadows, which is another marvel of the lovely environment. The hilltop of Kori can be reached by continuing your ascent. This vista, which is a level meadow at an elevation of 3800 meters above sea level, adds to its allure. The bare landscapes leading to the enormous hills with attractive peaks on top are just the opposite of this. The view you get from here is breathtaking and well worth the time and cost. After exploring the Kori, you’ll ascend down to the Sikles and drive back to Pokhara.

Kori Danda trekking route

The Kori Danda trekking trail is a beautiful and challenging trek in Nepal’s Annapurna area. It combines the beauty of traditional villages, lush forests, and stunning mountain views. The Kori Danda trip begins with a scenic drive from Pokhara to Skiles Village. Pokhara is a well-known city and entry point to the Annapurna region.

You will go by private vehicle to the Gurung village of Skiles from Pokhara. You will continue your trek from Sikles to Tasa Kharka. The ascent through forests and the crossing of rivers are unique to this part of the route.  The offers stunning views of the Annapurna and Manaslu Mountain range through terraced fields and rhododendron forests. Then you’ll enter the Tasha Kharka.

Another wonder of the magnificent setting is that you can see people shearing sheep’s wool, sheep grazing in meadows, and lush green trees beside the field. Continue your climb to the top of the hill of Kori. Its attraction is increased by the vista, which is a level grassland at a height of 3800 meters above sea level. The complete opposite is the desolate scenery that leads to the vast hills with magnificent peaks on top. The view from here is amazing and is well worth the effort.

Best time to visit Kori Danda 


The Kori Danda route can be an excellent place to trek in the spring. The region has warm and pleasant weather conditions in the spring. Since the daytime temperature is usually favorable, walking is a pleasant activity.  The vivid rhododendron blooms are one of the most captivating features of springtime trekking in this area. There is a vibrant and beautiful mood on the trails because of the variety of rhododendron types along them. While the spring months are often clear, there may be some rainfall or cloud cover. On clear days, one may still expect stunning views of the neighborhood’s mountains, such as Annapurna and Machhapuchhre. For those who enjoy animals and birdwatching, spring is the best season. During your trip, you might see Himalayan pheasants, musk deer, langurs, and other animals.


Autumn is a fantastic time of year to hike the Kori Danda trail. With good reason, autumn is regarded as the busiest trekking season in Nepal. Typically, the weather at this time of year is consistent, with bright skies and moderate temperatures.  For trekking, you can expect appropriate daytime temperatures that will enable you to cover long distances comfortably. This season offers the finest visibility and the most beautiful mountain views. The spectacular Himalayan peaks, such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre, can be seen because the skies are frequently clear. The landscape takes a beautiful transformation in the autumn. As the leaves change color, the woodlands and hillsides are frequently covered in colors of brown and gold. You may see nature’s breathtaking splendor at its finest because the weather is perfect for trekking


The Kori trek trail can be tough for hiking during the winter because of the cold temperatures and the more difficult access to the area. The region experiences cold temperatures during the winter, which normally lasts from December to February, especially at higher altitudes. Low temperatures considerably below freezing are possible. In higher elevations, snowfall can make the trekking trails slippery and challenging to travel. Fog and clouds can make it harder to see the mountains in the distance, which limits opportunities for spectacular panoramas and mountain vistas, which are among of the trek’s most rewarding sights.


The Kori Danda trail can be difficult to trek during the monsoon season, which normally lasts from June to August due to high rain and probable danger. The Kori Danda region of Nepal has heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. The day will be cloudy and rainy frequently. Trekking gets more difficult as the trail becomes muddy and slippery. The visibility of the surrounding mountains and landscapes is frequently hampered by continuous rainfall’s gloomy and hazy conditions. Along the hiking path, leeches and insects increase during the monsoon season. Trekkers face risks because of the potential for landslides and avalanches caused by heavy rain.


On the first of the trek, you’ll drive from Pokhara to Sikles. Early morning, you’ll have your breakfast at the hotel then pack your luggage and get ready for the Kori Danda trip. It will take approximately 3-4 hours to reach Skiles. Sikles is a beautiful Gurung Village located in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Once you reached at the Sikles, you’ll explore the village, interact with the locals, and glimpse of their traditional way of life. You can also visit a museum at the Sikles.

Overnight at the Skiles.

Following breakfast, your trek begins from Sikles to Tassa Kharka. The trail passes through lush forests, offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Trek uphill yo Tassa Kharka, a high-altitude meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks. You can enjoy the serene atmosphere and breathtaking vistas of the Annapurna and Lamjung Himalayan ranges.

Overnight at the Tassa Kharka

On the 3rd of the trip, leave the Tassa Kharka and continue your trek towards Bhaise Kharka after having breakfast. The trail descends through forests and meadows, providing picturesque views of the landscape. You’ll pass by small streams and charming villages along the way. Then arrive at Bhaise Khark, a scenic grassy pasture with stunning mountain views. Then the trail gradually ascends through forests and opens up to breathtaking vistas of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges. Alternatively, you’ll reach Kori Danda.

Overnight at the Kori

You will hike to Kori Upper Viewpoint in the early morning, which takes about an hour. Kori Danda is a scenic hilltop with panoramic views of the Himalayas. The location affords a greater perspective of the previous trade route between Manang and Kaski. There is also another trekking route available. We can get to Manang and connect with the Annapurna Circuit Trek route as well. However, we’ll head back by taking a downhill trail to Sikles.

Overnight in Sikles.

You’ll drive back to the Pokhara from Skiles after having breakfast. You’ll follow the same route to reach Pokhara from Sikles.

Essential Info:

Equipment Required for Annapurna Base Camp Trek


  • Down sleeping bag (you can borrow with us)
  • Down Jacket (according to the Season)
  • Fleece linear
  • Walking Poles
  • Water bottles and water purification tablets
  • Sun block cream
  • Lip Guard
  • Hand wash liquid
  • Toiletries Kit

Upper Body

  • Sun hat
  • Glacier glass
  • Head torch
  • Ear-muffler and neck warmer


  • T-shirt
  • Light Jacket
  • Water and Windproof Jacket
  • Shirts
  • Light and Warm thermal tops


  • Hand gloves

Lower Body

  • Long and Short trekking pants
  • Water and Windproof trekking trousers


  • Thin and Thick Shock
  • Trekking Boot, Light Boot, and Slipper

Medicine and First Aid Kits

(Our guide will carry a first aid kit bag during the trek. We will recommend carrying your personal first aid kit bag if necessary)

  • Headache and fever medicine
  • Burnt cream
  • Antibiotics
  • Ibuprofen for general ache and pain
  • Blister treatment such as hand plants and aids, some waterproof tape, and anti-infection.

Trekking Difficulties

Kori Danda trek is not widely known, and specific details about its difficulty level and challenges may be limited. The highest point of the trip, at about 3850 meters, involves a major ascent in altitude. Those who are not acclimatized or who have never hiked at a higher elevation before may face altitude-related difficulties like fatigue, shortness of breath, and altitude sickness. Usually taking 5-6 days to complete, the treks require 6–8 hours of walking on difficult terrain. The daily distances and elevation gains need a lot of stamina and physical condition. The Kori Danda trip can include a variety of route conditions, including steep ascents, descents, and small passes. Especially during monsoon season, the path might be rocky, slippery, or muddy. Particularly in the winter and early spring, temperatures can change significantly ranging from hot and humid at lower elevations to chilly and cold at higher ones. Snowfall and rain can both affect visibility and trail conditions.

Trekking Cost

The cost of the Kori Danda trek depends on the accommodation, accessibilities, and amenities that you consumed during the trek.  Our starting price is $000 USD. However, the cost rises in accordance with the amenities and services.

Drinking Water

Trekkers must drink plenty of water to keep their bodies hydrated and prevent altitude sickness (AMS). Three to four liters of water per day should be consumed while hiking to Kori Danda.

Instead of purchasing bottled water, we strongly advise bringing one reusable water bottle that can hold hot water. While walking, bottled water might be pricey and contribute to thrashing issues in the Kori region. By employing water purification pills, you can clean water. After consuming the pills, the flavor will change.

Travel Insurance

For the Kori Danda trekking, you must have a reliable travel insurance plan that offers enough coverage for all of your activities. Anything may occur throughout the entire journey. Although we are more focused on safety, it is impossible to entirely rule out the possibility of accidents and emergencies occurring where we are on occasion. Trekking-related medical difficulties, physical injuries, helicopter evacuation, hospital expenditures, and other expenses should all be covered by your travel insurance package.

Electricity and Communication

Electricity and Communication are available during the Kori Danda trek although it can be irregular and unstable. There are frequent power outages and limited access to electricity. The hydroelectric power source, which the villages normally depend on, may be impacted by weather conditions or maintenance concerns. If there is no energy accessible, bring a portable charger or power bank so you may charge your electronics. You could find that telecommunications and Internet services are unavailable in some villages.

ATM and Currency Exchange

Pokhara offers a large number of convenient ATMs and money exchange businesses, making it simple for tourists to purchase Nepalese cash there. These services might not be available in the Kori region, where only Nepalese currency is accepted and contemporary financial facilities may be rare. Travelers are highly encouraged to make plans and exchange their foreign currency for Nepalese currency before setting out on their journey. This will guarantee that there will be enough local money on hand to pay for necessities like food, water, and other items while traveling. The entire process can be sped up and unnecessary stress eliminated by contacting Pokhara local currency exchange providers.


Tipping is an optional way for you to show gratitude for the services you’ve provided. For the services you value, you could wish to offer a tip, or you might just want to say “DHANYABAD” in Nepali to show your appreciation.

Tipping usually occurs on the last day of the trip. In the identical manner, trekkers are allowed to tip any hotel, lodge, or individual on their preferred day. The hotel, lodge, or any individual is always welcome to receive tips from hikers. Tipping is entirely a question of taste and perspective.

Entrance Permit and Requirement

The permits you need for the Kori Danda trek are:

  • TIMS (Tourist Information Management System) card.
  • ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) Permit

Important Documents and Information to get these permit

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Dates when your trek starts and end
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Travel Insurance Detail


Booking process

To make a reservation for a trip to the Panchase Trekking, you can get in touch with us in a variety of ways. We acceptance:

  • Bank transfer

Both domestic and foreign travelers can use bank transfers. Our company’s banking information is as follows:

Account Name of the Company:

Name of Bank:

Account No:

Account type: Current

  • Cash-in-hand

If you are nearby our office, you are able to come by and pay cash in person for this excursion. For the Panchase trek, an initial deposit of 30% is required.

  • Electronic wallets such as e-Sewa, Khalti, or Connect Ips 

In Tour Pokhara, e-wallets like e-Sewa, Khalti, or Connect Ips are also accessible. E-wallets like e-Sewa and Khalti can be used to make payments by Indian and Nepalese nationals.

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